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25tons Mobile Crane,Truck Crane QY25K5A(CE)


Highlight 1: Leading lifting and driving performances

1. Five main U-type booms. The boom length is 10.6m-41.0m with strong lifting performance, leading ahead of products with the same tonnages in the same industry.

2. The new power system platform centers on 9L high-power engine of Shanghai Diesel Engine Co., Ltd, 9-gear overgear gearbox of Shanxi Gear Auto Drive Group Co., Ltd and large-ration double reduction axes of Meritor Axle Co., Ltd. It is of superior driving performances and the maximum gradeability reaches to 41%.

Highlight 2: Double-pump confluence technique, the working performance of amplitude of luffing and flexibility have been promoted by 30%

1. In addition to winch, confluence of telescopic extension and amplitude of luffing can be also achieved by the new main confluence valve that significantly improves work efficiency of products.

Highlight 3: New-structure special hydraulic-pressure radiator with high reliability under high temperature conditions

1. New-structure special hydraulic-pressure radiator, the radiator power (18KW) would be increased and heat dispersion performance would be promoted by 15%;

2. The layout of fuel hole position is reasonable and speed of hydraulic oil is uniform. The pressure loss is lowered by 33%, guaranteeing heat dispersion performance of products. Meanwhile, the reliability of continuous operation under high temperature conditions would be substantially promoted.

Highlight 4: New molding, humanized design and comfortable manipulation

1. New operating house, wheel house and machine shed. Novel appearances, fine lines of the complete machine appearance that shows international trends;

2. The rearview mirror is installed in operating house, easy to for observe the working environment; front pedal and push-and-pull pedal in left side are installed, easy access to the operating house; 

3. Ladder stand is installed in two sides of the chassis, easy to get on or off the bus. In addition, tool cabinet is installed in right rear side of the frame, easy to store tools attachment for users, fully representing the purpose of humanized design.

Main Technical Parameter Table under Driving Status

Dimension ParameterOverall lengthmm12680
Overall widthmm2500
Overall heightmm3400
Wheel basemm4425+1350
Wheel trackmm2074/1834/1834
Weight ParameterTotal mass under driving statuskg32800
Axle loadFront axlekg7300
Back axlekg25500
Kinetic ParameterEngine type
Engine power ratingkw/(r/min)213/2200
Rated torque of engineN.m/(r/min)1200/1400
Running ParameterMaximum travel speedkm/h90
Minimum diameter of turning circlem22
Minimum ground clearancemm275
Approach angle°11
Departure angle°12
Braking length (the speed is 30km/h)m≤10
Maximum gradeability%41
Fuel consumption per hundred kilometersL≤32
Noise ParameterCar exterior noise when speeding updB(A)88
Noise around the driver’s eardB(A)90

Main Technical Parameter Table under Crane Operating Status

Main performance parameterMaximum rated total suspended loadt25
Minimum rated rangem3
Turning radius of rotary tablemm3255
Maximum load momentBase boomkN.m1061
Full-extend boomkN.m596
Full-extend boom+ jibkN.m467
Outrigger spanLength wise directionm5.3
landscape orientationm6
Lifting heightBase boomm10.9
Full-extend boomm41.5
Full-extend boom+ jibm48.5
Boom lengthBase boomm10.6
Full-extend boomm41
Full-extend boom+ jibm49.3
Offset angle of jib°0、15、30
Working speed parameterTime of boom derrickingRise booms38
Boom telescopic timeFully extendeds78
Maximum turning speedm/min2.5
Contraction time of landing legHorizontal landing legStretching at the same times35
Shortening at the same times30
Vertical landing legStretching at the same times40
Shortening at the same times35
Lifting speed (single rope)Main lifting structureFull loadm/min75
Empty loadm/min135
Auxiliary lifting structureFull loadm/min75
Empty loadm/min135
Radiation outside the machinedB(A)≤122
Within the operating housedB(A)≤90

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