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Highlight 1: Physical design with deep optimization, ranking top in lifting capacity industry

1. Five main U-type booms with plug-in boom heads, leading ahead of competitors in aspects of lifting heights and working ranges and ranking top in lifting capacity industries that 3%-15% exceeds of competitors’ products with the same tonnages;

2. Working range: the lengths of main boom and jib respectively are 47m and17.5m that the working range completely exceeds that of competitors;

3. The mature combined-type counterweight technique: provide users with more abundant combined conditions through the multi-composite modes of combined-type counterweight technique.

4. New-type mechanical fixing device of counterweight: it makes counterweight fixed in the same frame when driving that is easier and more convenient to place; make sure no shaking and turning conditions of the counterweight appear when driving, which is more efficient, steady and reliable.

Highlight 2: Hydraulic control and pilot control technique+ variable load sensing control technique, high working performance, steady and reliable

1. Main raising speed has been promoted up to 140m/min with higher working performance;

2. New hydraulic control pilot valve, zero spill losses, high working performance and low heating values of the system that save energy and protect environment;

3. The compound action functions of main hoist and auxiliary hoist are added, providing users with more abundant operating conditions, besides, the working performance was substantially promoted; 

Highlight 3: Key systems are of reliable promotion, the complete machine is of safe and reliable operation

1. Lifting system: the double- broken line winch is adopted to make the winch work more stable and reliable; at the same time, winch braking control technique is used to effectively protect winch losing speed and gliding and other breakdowns by starting and stopping the brake that externally connected to stable oil sources controls. 

2. Monitoring system of winch: winch monitors can be selected to install to make sure operation safety;

3. Pressure monitor system of landing leg, to make real-time detection about stress states of vehicle landing legs. Warn users to make an emergency stop if lacks of stability or exceeds the pressure setting range of landing legs, avoiding overturn accidents appear. 

Highlight 4: All-wheel steering type with flexible complete machine 

The multi-shaft and multi-turning system technique is adopted, including three main steering modes of steep turn, crab type and highway travelling. The low speed driving is flexible and high speed driving is stable and reliable. 

Highlight 5: Assistance system of shift gears, easier to operate

1. Special air-aid shift gears protection mechanism can effectively avoids gearbox damaging gears when shifting.

2. Compared with products of competitors, 30% of distance of shift gears and 45% of shifting force are respectively reduced. 

Highlight 6: New appearance molding, humanized design, comforts of drive and operation have been substantially promoted

1. New operating house, wheel house, engine hood and machine shed, novel appearances, fine lines of the complete machine appearance, shows its elegant appearance.

2. The sliding door is adopted in operating house with safer and convenient operations. Larger space in front and back (in operating house) brings comfortable manipulation. Front pedal and push-and-pull pedal in left side are installed, easy to get on or off the bus for users. 

3. Sleeper is designed in chassis wheel house used for temporary rests. Headlamp with daytime running light is installed, easy and safe to drive. Multiple ladder stands are designed in both sides, easy to get on or off the bus.

Main Technical Parameter Table under Driving Status

Dimension ParameterOverall lengthmm14650
Overall widthmm2800
Overall heightmm3880
Wheel basemm1500+4665+1500
Wheel trackmm2380/2300
Weight ParameterTotal mass under driving statuskg48000
Axle loadThe first and second axleskg12000
The third and fourth axleskg12000
Kinetic ParameterEngine type
Engine power ratingkw/(r/min)276/2200
Rated torque of engineN.m/(r/min)1500/1100-1600
Running ParameterMaximum travel speedkm/h80
Minimum diameter of turning circlem20
Minimum ground clearancemm427
Approach angle°19
Departure angle°15
Braking length (the speed is 30km/h)m≤10
Maximum gradeability%37
Fuel consumption per hundred kilometersL48

Main Technical Parameter Table under Crane Operating Status

Main performance parameterMaximum rated total suspended loadt75
Minimum rated rangem3
Turning radius of rotary tablemm4330
Maximum load momentBase boomkN.m2969
Full-extend boomkN.m1428
Outrigger spanLength wise directionm6.4
landscape orientationm7.6
Lifting heightBase boomm12.6
Full-extend boomm47
Full-extend boom+ jibm64
Boom lengthBase boomm12.2
Full-extend boomm47
Full-extend boom+ jibm64.5
Offset angle of jib°0、15、30
Working speed parameterTime of boom derrickingRise booms55
Boom telescopic timeFully extendeds110
Maximum turning speedm/min1.9
Contraction time of landing legHorizontal landing legStretching at the same times30
Shortening at the same times25
Vertical landing legStretching at the same times50
Shortening at the same times50
Lifting speed (single rope)Main lifting structureFull loadm/min75
Empty loadm/min140
Auxiliary lifting structureFull loadm/min98
Empty loadm/min108
Radiation outside the machinedB(A)≤122
Within the operating housedB(A)≤90

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